Shower Door Tempered Glass Knowledge

Tempered glass is one kind of safety glass produced by heating flat glass to 700°C and then rapidly cooling it, allowing compressive stress to form on the surface.

The characteristics: high anti-strike strength, hard to break and harmless to persons; fine anti flash heat can resist 200°C tolerance.

The thickness tolerance is-0.2/-0.3mm
The width and length tolerance is -0.2mm.

Particle state:
Each fragment is very small and there are more than 40 particles in any 50*50mm square when qualified tempered glass is broken.

Canister bag impact property:
It is not broken with the impact of a free falling canister bag from the height of 305mm, 457mm and 1219mm, or the total mass of the 10 largest broken samples is not more than the mass of a glass piece with a surface area of 6500mm2.